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Dub Turbo are the market leaders when it comes to  best beat making software, the packages is truly one of the best in the business which includes:

  • Access to thousands of beats
  • Digital Audio Workstation (just like having your very own recording studio!)
  • Video tutorials for complete beginners
  • Burn your music to a CD
  • Options to import your own sounds
  • Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, Drum & Bass, R&B the list goes on and on!
  • Digital Drums, Keyboards, sequencers, samplers and lots more!


So if you have dreamed of having your own recording studio and making your very own beats now is your chance with Dub Turbo bestbeat making software.

This really is broadcast quality software that you can own today! No waiting around download your copy now!

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Beat Making Software

So you’ve decided to create your own tunes and make some beats? Finding the Best Beat making Software can be a real challenge and the range of Beat Making Software available today is vast. So what are you looking for in good quality Beat Making Software? The complexities of running a professional recording studio are numerous and it takes year of training and experience. You want your Beat Making be as simple yet powerful as possible. Dub Turbo ticks all of the boxes – it is easy to use, contains thousands of original sounds and what’s even more brilliant – it doesn’t break the bank.

One of the biggest problems in creating original rap, hip-hop, drum and bass, dance, and R&B music is finding where to get good quality, royalty-free samples and beats. Dub Turbo has thousands of beats for you to use so every track you create will be different! Compiling these individual sounds into professional tracks could not be easier with a simple virtual mixing desk and uncomplicated interface to get you laying down some sick tunes in no time!

What’s more, with Dub Turbo burning your tracks to CD for your friends is effortless so you can have your music anywhere, anytime!

How To Make Beats

Dub Turbo is becoming extremely popular and has received some excellent reviews from all around the world. Current users love how accessible the program is. Hundreds of people have been able to take random beats and samples, add effects, compile them using the virtual mixing desk and create some awesome tunes in no time at all!
Dub Turbo is an incredibly diverse yet accessible program that allows you to access thousands of beats and samples to create highly professional tracks in the comfort of your own home. The desktop mixing desk is like having your own recording studio and whilst extremely powerful, is so user-friendly and uncomplicated that anyone can become a beat-making guru in no time at all! So if you want the Best Beat Making Software to start creating the best beats, download Dub Turbo today!

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